Member ASN Peering Policy IPv4 IPv6 RouteServer
Member ASN Peering Policy IPv4 IPv6 RouteServer

Established in 1996 by Telehouse, NYIIX is one of the largest Internet exchange points in the United States.

Improve latency, build redundancy into your network

—and reduce IP costs.


NYIIX is available at the following New York Metro Locations:

  • 32 Avenue of Americas, NYC
  • 60 Hudson, NYC
  • 7 Teleport, NYC
  • 85 10th Avenue, NYC
  • 111 8th Avenue, NYC
  • 165 Halsey St, Newark, NJ
  • 2 Emerson Lane, Secaucus, NJ





“I would work with TELEHOUSE again in the future, and would give them the highest accolades. TELEHOUSE fulfilled all of my requirements—and more.

Patrick Heeb, Purchasing Manager, SUNRISE COMMUNICATIONS