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A Network of Networks

Collaboration between every Internet Service Provider (ISP) is necessary for the Internet to function. Since it was built over time by so many companies, sharing the network infrastructure streamlines traffic for all users, large and small.

Peering allows traffic to flow through the fastest route, no matter who owns and operates the fiber. This collaborative idea is how peering was established.

This “Network of Networks” is shared by mutually beneficial arrangements with peers and everyone experiences greater speed, increased bandwidth, greater reliability and lower costs.

Telehouse, our parent company, owns and operates 47 Data Centers globally, and is home to some of the largest peering exchanges in the world. In the US, our exchanges are located in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and or newest location in Philadelphia.

We connect the east and west coasts to Europe and Asia. Explore our NYIIX exchanges and see why our members and partners peer with us.

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