NYIIX Philadelphia Peering Exchange

Established in 2019 and founded by Telehouse, NYIIX Philadelphia is a brand new Peering Exchange that extends our network to this market and will provide both local and remote peering to NYIIX NY. With 47 data centers globally, Telehouse is home to many of the world’s largest peering exchanges.

Our customers experience greater efficiency and low latency to networks, content providers and large enterprises. Network control, performance, speed and reliability are achieved by exchanging internet traffic around the world.

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NYIIX Philadelphia IP Numbering Scheme

  • IPV4 Range: 206.51.30/24
  • IPV6 Range: 2001:504:1:9::a50X:XXXX:Y/64
  • Local Peering: VPLS 401
  • Remote Peering (NYIIX-NY): 1000. Customer will also get an IP in the NYIIX-NY range (198.32.160/24).
  • Route Servers: Initially available for Remote Peering customers only.

NYIIX Philadelphia Location:

401 North Broad St, Philadelphia, PA

NYIIX-PHiladelphia-Data-Center Location





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