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Experience blazing speed on the all new NYIIX Centillion II Platform

Centillion II utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver greater capacity, faster delivery and more connections. Our customers experience greater reliability and ability to work with resellers.

Centillion II Design Goals:

  • Increased capacity for 100GbE ports
  • Increased capacity for DWDM connectivity
  • Ultimate Reliability
  • Reseller friendly – Utilize 100GbE and 10GbE port for multiple tenants
  • 400GbE ready


Centillion II Hardware utilizes Brocade SLX routers and ADVA FSP 3000 DWDM system

  • 115 Tbps fabric Capacity – Over 641% increase from current Centillion platform
  • 144 100GbE ports per system – Over 250% increase from current Centillion platform
  • 960 10GbE ports per system – Over 25% increase from current Centillion platform


Experience the Power of Centillion II Today.

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