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Historic announcement marks NYIIX’s first Japan-based Cable TV Operator IXP agreement and comes as the company celebrates 25 years of service    


TELEHOUSE America, a leading global provider of carrier-neutral data centers and subsidiary of KDDI CORPORATION, today announces that Tama Cable Network (TCN), a cable system operator headquartered in Ome City, Tokyo, has joined their NYIIX Internet Exchange in Los Angeles. The agreement is the first of its kind for NYIIX with a Japan-based Cable TV operator and supports TCN’s entry as a peering user in  U.S.-based internet exchanges. As a result, TCN’s customers will enjoy expanded and enhanced content delivery and streaming services, such as VoD and online gaming, via faster, more reliable and secure network services.

“We are always working to address our customers’ growing demand for content and high-performance network services,” comments Tama Cable Network President and CEO, Morikazu Tachi. “TCN makes every effort to provide best-in-class Internet services and user experiences. This is evident in our further connections to overseas IXPs for optimal routing and latency. Joining the NYIIX exchange with the help of JPIX (part of the core of Japan’s internet) helps us to continue this mission. We are very happy to be working with TELEHOUSE and NYIIX as they celebrate 25 years of service.”

Established in 1996 by TELEHOUSE America, the NYIIX peering exchange is one of the largest neutral internet exchange points in the world. Now celebrating 25 years of premium IX services, NYIIX has stayed true to its original mission to provide the internet community with neutral and scalable peering infrastructure, best-in-class reliability and stable internet connectivity. TCN connects to NYIIX in Los Angeles through JPIX, the first commercial Internet exchange (IX) in Japan, through a network of trans-pacific submarine cables.


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“We are thrilled to be part of TCN’s journey to providing the best possible network access, content and customer experiences to their customers,” comments Akio Sugeno, Vice President of NYIIX and Internet Engineering at TELEHOUSE. “It’s imperative that we deliver an efficient and comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation journey to our customers. Our NYIIX internet exchange is one of the largest neutral internet exchange points in the world. We enable traffic to and from Asia and across the United States at lightning speed to deliver mission-critical low latency networks and access to premium content. We’re excited to join with TCN to provide this opportunity for an unparalleled experience to their customers, just as we’ve been committed to doing for all our peering members for well over two decades of operation.”


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